Choose theater chair should pay attention to the following points

by:HONGJI     2020-10-27
Theater chair about how to choose, should pay attention to the following: 1, want to consider the degree of theater chairs tilt tilted degree can be divided into the following kinds: leaning back with how much effort; Can be adjusted according to sit chair of be fond of. Can be fixed Angle; Angle has set. But must be aware of is that these conditions are not contradict, a chair, perhaps together with the above three conditions, or perhaps only have two or a condition, when the choose and buy must look out for. 2, comfortable and can take a very long in addition to adhere to the excellent body curve, a chair can never forget is to sit comfortably, and should sit comfortably, chair cushion, of course, is extremely important. In general, chair cushion is one forming, best talent elasticity out of shape not easily, and because the muscles to support the body's influence is extremely important, so excellent natural cushion will give appropriate support body, and then can reduce fatigue, therefore, chair cushion's softness is too high or too low. Though it also involves a person's weight, but the quality is really good chair cushion, there will still be bound to roughly weight tolerance, even if the user and sit on it for a long time, also won't feel too tired. 3, help to adhere to the natural curve of the spine back to prevent lumbar curve when sitting oppressed by not natural, that affect the body health, someone must strength of lumbar cushion for leaning on the back of the chair, so talent when sit down properly adhere to lumbar natural curve, in order to obtain more comfortable and healthy attitude. 4. Theater chair to have a good cooperation degree while you can because of the nature of work alien buy different theater chairs, but most of the chair is not restricted, so the acquisition, if mixing, high chair, is the timing of the choose and buy also. Chairs can be cooperate with the user, for example, body movement and make a different adjustment, because the user may not only a kind of posture, if be constraints, this chair is useless. 5, want to consider the different parts of chair to tilt the office chairs have different tilt place, generally can be divided into the following kinds: can be tilted back, seat, waist; Leaning back, seat department did not tilt; Bridge department fixed front, rear and back can be tilted; Back and seat can be tilted; Can be tilted back. Buyers can be in accordance with the company's internal users of different nature of work to purchase, so the staff of thoughtful people, there will be a great benefit. 6, must accord with human body curve of the three-dimensional curved surface type seat can increase the bottom and thighs hips contact with the seat and product, make the pressure evenly dispersed, not focused on a point, together with the prisoners for tilted slightly, also has a stable pelvis effect, prevent the sat will slide forward, in addition, the round of the ministry of planning, also can cut the knee. Joint inside resistance and contact, greatly beneficial to the health.
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