Auditorium chair and film chair range of practical application

by:HONGJI     2020-11-17
In life, we have all kinds of chairs, wooden chair, sofa and so on. The auditorium chair, cinema chairs and desks and chairs is often used in where? Auditorium chair, cinema chair and apply the scope of application of desks and chairs in the place such as cinema, hall, lecture hall, school, in a meeting and show should have a good view of the seat should facilitate maintenance and cleaning, use should be comfortable, make the person is not easy to fatigue. Design features of the auditorium seats, use sofa cushions form, more easy to break when personnel evacuation. Auditorium seats the number of seats should be considered and local lighting facilities, in order to facilitate users to identify and find seats. According to design needs to use environment, auditorium chair need to place files and writing board for record, special hall also require consideration and simultaneous translation equipment and voting, speak equipment combining; Part of the theatre or synagogue also requires seats and match the air conditioning system. Most by the chair, auditorium chair of the chair, armrest and stand feet four parts. Usually stand feet and armrest is a solid handrail rack installation. Structure is commonly gangmu structure or steel model structure. Auditorium chair, cinema chair and ladder desk stand feet, points and armrest stand feet two landing on one foot. Foot landing seat alone, not only beautiful, but also facilitate the use of chair foot and other facilities. Because the connecting way of single leg is relatively complex, single leg institutions need to cost increased accordingly. Stand feet is the foundation of the auditorium chair support, usually with anchor bolt directly fixed on the ground. Now estimates consumers see after should will be clear of what is it made? Sometimes a person is very boring, like to see research thorough, is the curiosity that makes our society more and more prosperous, and had certain understanding after if you need to purchase in the future time will be convenient.
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